Ice Cream Truck Vending - Discovering a Cold Plate Freezer

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Published: 12th November 2010
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When you're beginning your own ice cream vending company 1 of your biggest capital costs aside from your truck is heading to be the freezer. Obviously the freezer isn't some thing which you wish to cut too many corners on simply because if yours isn't working properly you stand to lose hundreds of dollars in lost income from spoiled stock - and even worse could get you in deep trouble with your local well being inspector!

Most modern ice cream truck vendors use a cold plate freezer for this purpose. A chilly plate freezer works by simply plugging it in and letting it charge overnight -- it will then stay chilly for the rest of the next day. An used chilly plate freezer will probably price you anywhere between $2,500-3,500 although in a new one is heading to set you back about $5000-$7000 so this is a major investment that you've to get correct. Even though you want to save money you should ensure that any used freezer you buy is fully functioning and non-defective. Make certain to test it initial or you could lose a bundle in melted ice cream!

Some Facts about Freezers:

. A good chilly plate freezer will maintain the temperature down to about -20?F

. The temperature in a correctly functioning chilly plate freezer will never go above 0?F even on a hot day

. In the past ice cream truck vendors used dry ice to maintain ice cream chilled but it's very unreliable and is no longer accepted by many well being authorities

. Cold plates are fantastic simply because they do not require constant power, are much better insulated and have smaller hatches then regular freezers meaning less warm air touches the ice cream

If you are interested in learning more information about Cold Plate Freezer for an Ice Cream Truck , how they work and some tips on making certain you do not lose profit to spoiled stock come to my website where I give the advice everybody thinking of starting their personal ice cream truck vending company needs to know.

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